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About Us

Why do we call ourselves Wet City? When the rest of the nation went dry during Prohibition, Maryland was the only state that refused to pass an enforcement act to support the federal restrictions. Instead, Maryland was determined to keep on drinking despite pressure from the feds and other states. Thanks to stubborn, free-thinking Maryland rule-breakers, the Chesapeake Bay became the prime port of call for the nation’s bootleggers, making Maryland the wettest state in the union.

Our fair city of Baltimore served as the nation’s center of resistance to prohibition and you better believe that sales and consumption of alcohol kept on keeping on right up until the rest of the nation caught up with us and repealed Prohibition. We love calling Baltimore our home and think this wet city’s history is worth bragging about.

Not everyone likes the name Wet City, and that’s fine with us. We saw that coming. The name, like the rest of our brand and all of our beers, isn’t for everyone. It’s not meant to keep you comfortable, to wash over you like bathwater or lull you to sleep. It’s meant to engage you and spark a reaction.

Culinary Team: Brad Bonham, Robert Foster

Bartenders: Scott Jones, Kirk Kemp, Dan Todd, Adam Estes, Campbell Riedl, Josh Sullivan